The Castles

Charming. Warm. Brimming with the past.

The Historic Castles of Ireland are holiday homes like no other. Each medieval castle is expertly and uniquely appointed for the comfort of guests. Upgraded for today with echoes from another age.

Blazing fires. Cozy kitchens. Expansive views of lush green pastures.

Privately let, with room for up to 12 people, depending on the castle.

Make yourself at home in history. The Historic Castles of Ireland.

What our guests say

  • "The experience of the tower castle helped us to connect to the past, understand our heritage and provide us with a lifetime of memories."

    A visitor from Nevada

  • "There is such a sense of peace and beauty, I can imagine those who gathered here through the ages – and feel part of the land."

    A visitor from Maryland

  • "A wonderful experience and one I would urge people to experience because in this instance words fail to do it justice!"

    A visitor from Galway, Ireland

In The News

The Lust List: Four Irish Castles You Can Rent

10.2.14 + Tyler Neasloney +

All this talk of castles (we’re looking at you, NPH and David Burtka) has us ready to hop a flight to Europe and play our own game of thrones. A king is nothing without his keep, and since not everyone is vacationing on a movie-star budget, we found four gorgeous castles in Ireland that are perfect (and affordable) for a family or group getaway. Fire Island shares be damned! Imagine having the key to your own castle, no morning wakeup call, and the freedom to experience the storied Irish countryside at your own pace. These four historic castles sleep between eight to 12 guests and can be rented by the week from as low as €1,800.

+ Read the full article here

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